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At Wellness Bound Mental Health We Work Togethe​r To Achieve Wellness

Many people are fearful of having a mental health diagnosis. My goal is to reduce and/or alleviate symptoms so those I work with can begin to walk the path of wellness. 

At each appointment we measure progress and discuss your progress towards goals that have been set. Sometimes we need to revise our plan to achieve our goals and that is ok. I build an individualized plan for each patient. I feel there are many ways to achieve wellness, including genetic testing, supplements, therapy, and medications. Each person is unique and no one plan works for all.

Achievements are best made when we work Together

Each person is different and unique. Not all treatments work the same for all people. It can be a delicate balance to find what works best for you. This is why I individualize your treatment plans. Treatments come in various forms such as medications, supplements, therapies, exercise, among other options.  As well as new treatments come available all the time. One thing is the same. It takes time and effort from everyone involved. I like to use genetic testing to help guide the best medication approach for you. It helps to narrow down the time it takes to achieve wellness and helps your body reach it's full potential.

My Philosphy

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