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Office Procedures

Routine Questions

Questions are important and critical to your wellness. If they are non-emergent questions and concerns I ask that you write them down and bring them to your next appointment.  If you have urgent questions and concerns between appointments such as a side effect causing concern and it is during office hours then please call the office at 


Urgent Questions

If you have an urgent concern such as a side effect and it is after office hours then please call your primary care provider or go to your nearest Urgent Care clinic. The phone lines are not answered after hours.

What To Do In Case of an Emergency

For all life-threatening emergencies such as an overdose of medication, seizure, plan for violence/homicide, suicide attempt/plan, or if an urgent situation turns emergent please seek immediate attention at your local urgent care, emergency department, dial 9-1-1, or call the local crisis line. The phone lines are not answered after hours. When you go to the Emergency Room for a crisis please provide them with the office contact information so they can keep me apprised of and consulted on any emergent situations that may develop.

How to Cancel Your Appointment

I ask that you give a minimum of a 2-day advance notice that you are canceling your appointment. This allows other patients the opportunity to see me sooner in their time of need.

Email Communication

We appreciate that you may want to send information via email. However, please be aware that because of the volume of patients I see, I may not be able to read and respond to your email. E-mail communication is not secure. If you choose to communicate with us by e-mail and send billing or other personal information via email we cannot be responsible for its confidentiality.

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